ShipTection Plus

What is ShipTection Plus?
Through a partnership with InsureShip, ShipTection Plus allows you to offer shipping insurance on your Shopify site. Simply add the ShipTection app to your site, fill out the simple settings, and your customers will have the option to add shipping protection to their orders at checkout.  ShipTection Plus allows you to generate additional revenue and all orders are insured by InsureShip. You can see what is covered here: ShipTection Plus - Policy Overview

How do I file a claim?
You can file a claim here: File a Claim

ShipTection Plus vs. Others
As shipping insurance has become more popular, we saw an opportunity to allow brands to offer the shipping insurance directly to their customers while allowing our sites to generate additional revenue. Some of the benefits include:

  • Generate additional revenue. 
  • Easy claim filing with InsureShip. 
  • No apps to download, accounts to create, endless emails to your customers. 
Download ShipTection - ShipTection Shopify Page.