Click1 is designed for the Shopify store that leverages email and text marketing. Fewer clicks means more conversions which ultimately means more sales. With that in mind, our team designed Click1 to allow Shopify merchants to create custom shopping carts with a pre-applied discount code at scale. 

When potential customers click on a Click1 link you've created, they arrive in a custom shopping cart with an item(s) that was pre-selected and a discount already applied ready to check-out. Compare this to the standard marketing email/text where the potential customer ends up on a product page needing to add the product to the cart and later add the promo code.  

How Do I Use Click1:

  1. Pick the item(s) you want to add to the pre-setup cart.
  2. Pick the discount you want to apply.
  3. Create the link.  Share the link.

Example: One of our clients uses Click1 in the baby category and they sell strollers on their website. One week after their customer receives the stroller they send the text message::

"We hope you are enjoying your new stroller. Most of the time, customers also buy a weather cover for their stroller. I went ahead and added it to a custom cart for you with a discount already applied so you can get the best price.  Check it out here!"

When the customer clicks the link, our app creates a custom cart for this customer. From there, they can go back to this link as many times as they want before buying the weather cover.


Click1 is free to download and use. If a customer purchases a product via a Click1 created cart, we charge a 2% fee of the total purchase price. 


Pricing Example

ABC Sample Co. sends out 1,000 emails with pre-built shopping carts created by Click1. 

20 customers purchase through the Click1 cart. Average order is $100.  Total for Click1 campaign = $2,000. ($100*20 orders).

Click1 bills Sample Co. $40 ($2,000*2%) via Shopify.


Download Click1 - Click1 Shopify Page.